COVID-19: Time to pump up your marketing

COVID Business injection: Time to pump up the Marketing!

Now more than ever, small businesses that are being affected by COVID-19 need to ensure that their business marketing is doing its job! With several industries closing due to the current Greater Sydney lockdown, it’s time to pump up the marketing, and increase your online presence, to guarantee that your business is still thriving in a pandemic.

This week, Nathan sits down with Melissa J Scott from Devine Creative Agency to talk about everything regarding marketing your business during COVID-19.

What is marketing and why is it one of the four most important functions of business?

In general terms, marketing consists of a set of actions relating to communication, creating, delivering, and exchanging.

In a business sense, the role of marketing is to help bring value and knowledge to customers who the business itself targets, seeking to recognise, satisfy and retain.

When we think of the four important functions of business (operations, marketing, finance, and HR) many small business owners tend to wonder why marketing is included in this list. For a business to build brand awareness, increase sales, grow, and engage customers, marketing is required!

Here are few reasons why marketing is one of the four important functions of a business.

  • It informs – by helping your customers or potential clients what it is exactly that you do, and what you can offer them.
  • It engages – customer engagement is at the core of many successful businesses, marketing helps keep your customer or client informed once they walk out the door, or even before they enter.
  • It sells – marketing is important because it helps you sell your product, services, values, mission, and vision.
  • It grows – marketing is also one of the important aspects of business growth, and growth is important in every small business.


How can a business owner’s intentions shape their personal brand and marketing strategy? 

Mel continually mentions in this week’s video how important it is that your businesses marketing resonates on a personal level with you as its business owner. However, before you jump strategy into a personalised marketing plan, your intentions must align with your strategy.

An important first step in marketing is setting your intentions at the beginning of your strategy. This can be accomplished by setting goals. Think about these next few questions.

  • What is your goal?
  • What do you want to get out of your marketing?
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your business’s mission statement?

Having structure and understanding around your marketing strategy is just as important as your physically marketing content. Each of these factors is vital when it comes to setting the intention of your marketing strategy. Without this structure, goal setting, and planning you will struggle to create a personal brand and marketing strategy that successfully helps your business grow.

So, before you start your personal brand and marketing strategy, get a good understanding of your intentions first.


What does it take to have a successful marketing campaign?

There are many aspects and factors that go into producing a successful marketing campaign. Whether you’re starting out or restructuring a current marketing campaign. Here are some general overall factors that you need to consider when creating a successful marketing campaign.

  1. As said above, define your goals. Determine what your intentions are. What does your campaign aim to achieve, e.g. increase brand loyalty or introduce something new for your business.
  2. Set a budget. Once your goals have been determined a budget should be set. Once you have deceived your budget, this will help you determine how much you can spend on the campaign while still making a profit.
  3. Determine your target audience. When starting a new campaign think to yourself, “who will use your product or service” determining the right target audience can help make your marketing campaign.
  4. Select your media. Which media accounts will you be posting content to? It’s important here to think about which media are your target audience most likely to use.
  5. Develop a message. As a small business owner is so important that you have a vision and mission statement that resonates with you personally as well as your business, as this will be a big point within your strategy.


Where do businesses go wrong with their marketing?

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make when marketing is not building a proper foundation for their marketing strategy.

As we said above, and Mel continually mentions in the video having structure and planning to your marketing campaign can be the make or break of it. Many small business owners assume that by simply throwing content onto their social media or only updating their website when convenient will find that they are not receiving positive responses from their campaign.

Marketing and structure/planning go hand in hand and without it your marketing campaign isn’t going to succeed.

Now more than ever, regarding the current COVID-19 situation, is the time to be on top of your marketing.


Is marketing an investment or expense? 

Mel mentions a great example of whether marketing is an expense or an investment.

She says “if you are will to put the work in with your marketing coach then it’s going to repay you as an investment for growth. If you not going to do the work or put in the time, then it’s an expense”.

Hard work always pays off, and if you are working with a marketing coach, then your hard work and effort will be put back into your business!!!


More about Melissa and her Marketing agency: Divine Creative

Melissa is passionate about working with business owners and brands that share her enthusiasm for creativity, inspiration, connection and turning industries on their heads by doing things differently from how it’s always been done. Melissa has a real heretic approach to business, and so do her clients.

She is the founder and director of Divine Creative Agency and also has an online education course called Connection Marketing – Rockstar Brand Edition. Divine Creative Agency has been running for over 20 years providing services around branding, content creation, high-performance websites and online marketing strategies, and video. Her clients range from small businesses to large companies turning over $500M from Rheem Australia, MDC Camper Trailers, St George Hospital, Scott Morrison MP, Jandson Homes, AMP, Diabetes NSW, and Axis Services Groups.

It’s not the size that counts however, it’s about the synergy and the shared passion at reaching clients through storytelling and building connection, and building solid strategies and action plans that get long-term sales and marketing results. Divine Creative is a complete content production and marketing agency, focusing on connecting your brand and digital footprint with relevant content that gets shared and inspires customers to want to spend money with your business.

“You have 3 choices right now around how to market your business… Look for new opportunities and don’t be afraid to be reinvented, pivot or find new markets to target as your audience’s needs have changed.

You need to focus on offering solutions that are relevant to how they are feeling now, and to connect with your clients and prospects on a deeper emotional level. They have been through a really tough time and you need to adapt your marketing message to suit.

To thrive, you need to remain relevant.”

Melissa J Scott

Divine Creative Agency