Finance during lockdown

Finance During Lockdown!

This week, NGR sits down with Mark Moenting form DPN Finance to talk all about all your finance needs. Mark and Nathan also discuss everything you need to know during the current COVID crises regarding when you go to refinance or borrow money.

Bit about Mark and DPN Finance: Operating since 1996 and holding an Australian Credit Licence, Mark Moenting and the team at DPN have been helping Australians with smart and competitive finance solutions for more than 20 years.

Mark is passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience using market leading digital solutions and upholding a strong commitment to his customers – providing finance solutions that meet their circumstances, needs and objectives, whilst upholding his legal obligations to always act in the customers’ best interest.

For further in-depth information, watch out YouTube video above!

Update on finance, current investment, and commercial investment rates: The cash rate is at 0.1%, rates are low and this is causing the property boom (or inflated price of properties), but good rates are sitting around 1.7-2% or a fixed rate of 2.5-3% up to 5 years. Short term loans rates are low, it’s a good time to refinance or obtain finance for a new property purchase or investment property purchase.

Why the broking model works over going direct to a bank? The broker model works well because of the best interest duty that the broker needs to live and breathe. This means, a broker should only do what is in the best interest of the client, not the broker. Going to a broker usually means having access to over 30 lenders, a broker will also evaluate your situation and only apply for finance that they know you will be able to get. Whereas the bank will only offer their own product, apply regardless of your situation, and possibly put your credit score at risk.

If you’re looking to purchase a home, invest, or refinance, whether personal, construction or for business, give Mark and the team a call on 0411222004 or email