Month: July 2021

Lockdown support for business owners

Lockdown Support for Business Owners

Lockdown Support for Business Owners This week, Nathan presents us with all the information we need to know regarding the current 2021 COVID lockdown and the grants available to business owners. If you’re In a situation where COVID has Impacted your business, the information below will help you understand the grants before applying. Service NSW …

profit first

Profit First

Profit First This week Nathan gives us a presentation on one of NGR Accounting’s services ‘create a profit-making machine’ specifically looking deeper into the meaning of ‘Profit First’ cashflow system for business. If you are a small business who is struggling to bring in profit, especially during this unforeseen lockdown, then this week’s topic is …

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax his week Nathan lets us in on everything Capital Gains Tax, also known as CGT. Nathan shares with us some examples specifically on shares and properties, while also giving us a mini history lesson, on the basics of CGT. If Capital Gains Tax is a topic that you lack knowledge in, then …