Month: June 2021

lockdown tips

5 things to do to help your business stay successful during lockdown:

Help your business succeed during lockdown:  For those who are unaware, greater Sydney is currently in another lockdown until at least the 9th of July 2021. This week Nathan lets us in on his five tips he believes will help you make the most of lockdown as a small business owner.

Xero Ecosystem

Xero Ecosystem that drives business success: Are you looking for an accounting software system that assist you in running a successful business? This week Nathan enlightens us on Xero’s Ecosystem and how this accounting software and other relating apps drives business success. So, if you are currently looking for an effective accounting software with an …

charge what your worth

Charge what you’re worth

Charge what you’re worth Do you know what your time is worth and are you charging for it? Stop and take some time to look at the features of your business and ask yourself ‘what do you do for your clients’, ‘how does your time benefit them’. It’s important especially as small business owners that …

How do Trust Work?

Discretionary Trust:  This week’s video is a quick guide on all information regarding a Discretionary Trust. The advice below and in the video contains general advice and information and does not take into consideration any personal circumstances.