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Turn your business into a profit making machine

(based off the profit first book, by Mike Michalowicz)


Are you a slave for your business, better yet are you also earning less than your employees? This program is designed to turn around the stress of never having enough cash to pay suppliers, superannuation and most importantly you.

As an Accountant we often see clients who have cashflow nightmares, you wonder why people do it year after year. In this program we first analyze your business and create the strategy to manage your cashflow so that you can start being profitable.

Stage 1: Analyze and create a new cashflow plan


  • Review of Accounting System – is there one and is it being used well?

  • Review of current situation, what does the sales, payroll, operation expenses, owner wages and owner dividend look like?

  • Calculation of what revenue, operation expenses, and owner wages are advised to be

  • Work out and set KPI’s to reach, for example how many leads you need to convert to achieve the revenue target

  • Create Profit First System to suit your business and start your journey to business fulfillment

Stage 2: Ongoing support and financial coaching


  • After implementing, first 6-12 months, monthly meetings to discuss the Profit First System and any road blocks or problems in implementing the system

  • Once successfully implementing the system, quarterly meetings to review the financial success of the business, discuss any concerns in the business

  • Behind the scenes, we review accounting ratio’s and benchmarks

  • Identify external coaches or consultants to assist and help in other business areas besides financial aspects.

    Examples include:

    • Marketing (broadly)

    • Sales coaching (assist conversion of leads)

    • Money Mindset Coaching

    • HR assistance

    • Legal guidance (example: for shareholder agreements, customer engagement/contracts)

    • Reducing expenses with the help of various professionals (eg Insurance Broker)

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    “I engaged Nathan from NGR Accounting as I needed more than just a compliance Accountant. I was after an Accountant that would engage with me and provide an advisory service, which Nathan has delivered on. He sorted out my tax issues which gave me peace of mind. He freed up my time while looking at how to support me to build my business, which has added the most value to me. For clients that want peace of mind that their compliance and tax issues are dealt with and are after a more strategic relationship with their Accountant, I have no hesitation in recommending Nathan.”

    Michael de Haan


    "Nathan has a high standard of credibility within the business community along with excellent customer service. Nathan has been my accountant since 2012. Personally, Nathan is approachable, sympathetic, and an admirable person. He is a true leader in his industry."

    Yvonne Fryatt


    "Nathan has acted as my business and family Accountant and Tax Agent, and I have found his knowledge and service to be exceptional. Nathan is of good fame and character, I would and have referred him onto numerous clients, friends and family members."

    Gillian Rendall


    “Nathan and the team at NGR Accounting continue to pay a vital role in the growth of my business. Not only do they take care of the compliance aspect of tax, but are always on hand to offer strategic advice and another ‘set of eyes and ears’ when considering business decisions. They go above and beyond what is typically expected of a tax accountant. I have referred numerous clients to NGR Accounting, all of whom have been suitably impressed, without exception.”

    Heath Hebenton


    “Nathan Rigney and his team in NGR Accounting have been looking after my personal and business taxation and finances for over 3 years. His professionalism, service and dedication to me as a client is what keeps me coming back, and why I have no hesitation to recommend him. He and his team made it so easy to set up my company, and look after all my taxation needs, making it far easier for me to concentrate on growing my business rather than worrying about endless paperwork.”

    Weronica Tillmar


    “Simply put Nathan and team has ensured all my accounting and tax needs just happen. Seamless to work with and always anticipating what needs to be done. NGR executes with excellence.”

    David Standen


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